Review: All the Light We Cannot See

“What you could be.” –All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr WARNING: Here there be spoilers — This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel doesn’t need much in the way of introduction. It has been reviewed and recommended in perpetuity since its publication, and for good reason – it’s a gripping and engaging book so intricately wovenContinue reading “Review: All the Light We Cannot See”

Review: My Dark Vanessa

WARNING: Here there be spoilers — A preface: This book isn’t for everyone. The subject matter is difficult, the characters frustrating. The story, set in Maine, follows Vanessa Wye both as a 15-year-old boarding school student and as a 32-year-old concierge. At 15, Vanessa is a loner. She’s lost her only friend and feels outContinue reading “Review: My Dark Vanessa”

Review: Migrations

“It’s just a bad day. There’ll be worse, and plenty of good.” – Migrations, Charlotte McConaghy Migrations is, alongside being a cautionary tale, a story of hope. Hope that we can survive our worst days and that we can come back from more than we think. I read the vast majority of this book in oneContinue reading “Review: Migrations”

Review: Of Women and Salt

WARNING: Here there be spoilers — Don’t let its small size fool you – Of Women and Salt is a powerful rallying cry for women and is a love letter written to the genre of multi-generational dramas. At times it serves as a can’t-look-away tale on the realities of life, of immigration, of addiction, ofContinue reading “Review: Of Women and Salt”

Review: How Much of These Hills is Gold

I didn’t know what to expect going into this book. I barely read the synopsis a few months ago, which must have grabbed me because I shelved it to read then found it on sale a few days ago. Anyway. I’m so glad I did. I read it at breakneck speed, in one day. It’sContinue reading “Review: How Much of These Hills is Gold”

Review: At Least You Have Your Health

Thank you to Net Galley, Berkley Publishing Group, and Madi Sinha for the chance to review this ARC. — I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading At Least You Have Your Health. The healthcare of the ultra-rich was a world I had absolutely no bearings in, so I have no idea how much ofContinue reading “Review: At Least You Have Your Health”

Review: Where the Crawdads Sing

WARNING: Here there be spoilers — Let me preface this by saying that, due its status as a worldwide phenomenon, I wanted to *not* like Where the Crawdads Sing. I wanted to find something about it to pick apart so I could set myself apart from the millions who love it. And, aside from theContinue reading “Review: Where the Crawdads Sing”

Review: A Little Hope

The story revolves around the inner lives of members of a small Connecticut town as they face a myriad of personal tragedies. These loves and losses are amplified by the chapters which serve as the interwoven perspectives of a whole host of genuinely felt characters. The story is very character-driven, so if you’re into aContinue reading “Review: A Little Hope”

Review: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

I didn’t connect with this book whatsoever. If it was supposed to be literary, I guess it was over my head. I didn’t understand the significance of her mother’s letters spersed throughout the book. I ended up glazing over during those parts. In the current day timeline, the main character was as pretentious and presumptuousContinue reading “Review: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness”

Review: Betty

“You know what the heaviest thing in the world is, Betty? It’s a man on top of you when you don’t want him to be.” WARNING: Here there be spoilers I cried at least three separate times in the last hundred pages of this book. It touched me deeply. The women and girls in thisContinue reading “Review: Betty”