Review: The Four Winds

This story broke my heart into pieces. The Four Winds was my first Kristin Hannah book, so I had no idea that I was supposed to be braced for impact. But I should have been – this book brought forth so many emotions for me. The Four Winds follows Elsa Martinelli and her two childrenContinue reading “Review: The Four Winds”

Review: The Nightingale

If you’re read any of Kristin Hannah’s books, you know to expect something heart-wrenching that produces waterworks. But beyond just being emotional, her works are deep looks at the world around us during varying eras of human history. The Nightingale follows sisters Vianne and Isabelle Rossignol and their activities throughout the Second World War. ToContinue reading “Review: The Nightingale”

Review: The Great Alone

The Great Alone broke me down and built me back whole all in one fell swoop. This book was my second of Kristin Hannah’s, the first being The Four Winds. I gave The Four Winds a whole-hearted five stars. So, saying all that, I hold The Great Alone even closer in my heart than itsContinue reading “Review: The Great Alone”