Review: Don’t Cry For Me

I was not a fan of this book. The narrator was completely unlikable, which I understand to be the point. However, it was distracting how unlikable he was. I’m not a big religious person (to say the least), but even I was absolutely choking on the amount of biblical names and oversaturated (and pretty lazy)Continue reading “Review: Don’t Cry For Me”

Review: The Nature of Witches

Holy shit, y’all. This book tricked the fuck out of me. I knew this book was about Jesus, and, when I read the acknowledgements, she thanked Jesus. I was actually on board for a while, but too many references to My Sun instead of My God just got under my skin. Yes, I’m not religious.Continue reading “Review: The Nature of Witches”

Review: The Witch’s Heart

After reading so many Greek mythology retellings (Ariadne, The Song of Achilles, and Circe), reading The Witch’s Heart was an excellent way to sate my desire for mythological retellings when tired of hearing about Zeus and what a giant asshole he is. The Witch’s Heart is, instead, a Norse mythology retelling, centered on Angrboda, Loki’sContinue reading “Review: The Witch’s Heart”

Review: The Paris Apartment

Omigosh. I tried to get ahead of the narrator at every step of this book and I could NOT! The Paris Apartment isn’t my usual jam. There weren’t many picks for March’s Book of the Month Club choices that I was interested in so I went with this one, thinking that it would at leastContinue reading “Review: The Paris Apartment”

Review: Booth

Choosing Booth as my March Book of the Month Club add-on was a no-brainer. I’ve long been fascinated by American history, particularly the Early American era. While Booth sits just outside of that parameter, I’m familiar enough with the context of the period to understand and appreciate just how much meticulous research went into thisContinue reading “Review: Booth”

Review: Honor

WARNING: Here there be spoilers — Honor was a total shocker to me. I went to the local library on my lunch break to snoop around and left with this copy of Thrity Umrigar’s book. Then I read 40 pages at a restaurant while I devoured my meal, finished my work day, and drove straightContinue reading “Review: Honor”

Review: Yellow Wife

I have a confession. I listened to the audiobook of Yellow Wife instead of reading it, which makes it the first audiobook I’ve actually finished (the other I started, but didn’t finish, as an audiobook was The Midnight Library). I loved the narration. The breathy way the narrator described the setting, rehashed the dialogue, andContinue reading “Review: Yellow Wife”

Review: The Damage

Usually, when picking out my Book of the Month Club picks, I’m painstakingly thorough – I read Goodreads and Amazon reviews and read the synopsis of the BOTM page, then reread it again. When I read the blurb for The Damage, the premise piqued my interest and I knew that it would grab me, especiallyContinue reading “Review: The Damage”

Review: White Oleander

This book isn’t new, so nothing I’m going to say about it is going to be novel or revolutionary by anyone’s standards. White Oleander has been on my TBR shelf for a considerably long time, and while I really really loved it, it took me an inordinately long time to finish. Usually I could blowContinue reading “Review: White Oleander”

Review: The Night Circus

This one was an interesting read. I’m not one for fantasy (save for my Lord of the Rings obsession and my fleeting fancy for A Song of Ice and Fire) or mystical and magical things, so I probably wasn’t the right audience for this book. If I had been, maybe I would have liked itContinue reading “Review: The Night Circus”