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DNF: The Tobacco Wives

Wow. What a spectacularly uneventful book. I spent 173 pages in the world of The Tobacco Wives, and I couldn’t bear to spend a moment longer in it. What a terribly mediocre book. I can firmly say, after reading the 825th description of a dress, that I have no interest whatsoever in what happens throughoutContinue reading “DNF: The Tobacco Wives”

Review: The Witch’s Heart

After reading so many Greek mythology retellings (Ariadne, The Song of Achilles, and Circe), reading The Witch’s Heart was an excellent way to sate my desire for mythological retellings when tired of hearing about Zeus and what a giant asshole he is. The Witch’s Heart is, instead, a Norse mythology retelling, centered on Angrboda, Loki’sContinue reading “Review: The Witch’s Heart”


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