Review: Don’t Cry For Me

Don’t Cry For Me by Daniel Black

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I was not a fan of this book. The narrator was completely unlikable, which I understand to be the point. However, it was distracting how unlikable he was.

I’m not a big religious person (to say the least), but even I was absolutely choking on the amount of biblical names and oversaturated (and pretty lazy) references to biblical events. Abraham. Jacob. Isaac. Esau. Rachel. Sarah. Damn Daniel Black; you read the Old Testament. We get it.

And am I the only one bored with references to southern foods in books set in the South? I’m an Arkansan, born and raised. Contrary to what Daniel Black would have you believe, we eat things other than greens, grits, and lemon pound cake.

The writing wasn’t evocative. The point it was trying to make has been made by better books a hundred times over. Yes, times have changed. Yes, we sometimes have to look back to move forward. And, yes, that change is often hard.

I’ll admit that this book wasn’t written with me or my hateful opinions in mind, so for those whom it reaches, I’m truly happy you have this book. It just felt incomplete to me.

I don’t recommend Don’t Cry For Me.

Dates read: March 28-31, 2022

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