Review: The Nature of Witches

The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Holy shit, y’all. This book tricked the fuck out of me. I knew this book was about Jesus, and, when I read the acknowledgements, she thanked Jesus. I was actually on board for a while, but too many references to My Sun instead of My God just got under my skin.

Yes, I’m not religious. No, I don’t want/need to be. This book was good in the sense that the Hunger Games series was good (except maybe The Hunger Games is actually significantly better) (and by maybe I mean definitely). It was very obviously young adult, which is fine – I entered into this book under no false pretenses (except the Jesus part). I really expected this to have been written by a Wiccan woman, but alas I was sorely disappointed.

The thinly veiled symbolism in this book really irked me. Reader, I’m not particularly astute. Most of the time, the deftest writers can pummel me over the head with symbolic references and I won’t even notice. But Rachel Griffin’s constant espousing about The Sun, especially in the last quarter of the book, was so heavy-handed that even I managed to pick up on it.

The cover is GORGEOUS. So much so that I’m thinking of contacting the cover artist for my own book that I recently finished. And the hardcover underneath is even more beautiful. But, unless you’re 14, you might want to look for a more mature and less obviously religious book to pick up. Unless you’re into that, in which case I say, okay, whatever.

Dates read: March 24 through 25, 2022

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