Review: The Great Alone

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Great Alone broke me down and built me back whole all in one fell swoop. This book was my second of Kristin Hannah’s, the first being The Four Winds. I gave The Four Winds a whole-hearted five stars. So, saying all that, I hold The Great Alone even closer in my heart than its successor.

The way that Leni related to her father hit a little close to home at times. My father is also a paranoid Vietnam vet, and a little erratic at his best, violent at his worst. Nowhere near the level in this book, but it’s scary what violence and isolation can do to a person, what it can breed.

There is a romantic element to this book, but to me, the greater love story was about family – what you define as your family – and the wilderness. It’s about the power of love to change you and to help shape how you see the world.

Dates read: November 14-15, 2021

I’m not a big cry-er over books, but this one had me in tears. Just like The Four Winds, it was sweeping and emotional. Kristin Hannah really knows how to make an impact with her books. The next one I’m planning to read is The Nightingale, which I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about.

What’s your favorite Kristin Hannah book?

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