Review: A River of Stars

A River of Stars by Vanessa Hua

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I wasn’t wild about this book. It took me a bit to get into it and I never really connected with any of the characters. By the end of it, I was just ready to be done and on to my next read.

One thing in particular I struggled with while reading A River of Stars is the narrative flow. Sometimes I couldn’t follow the writer’s train of thought, which eventually just confused me so much that I would blow past an entire paragraph or passage.

It was a good read with a nice HEA, but I wouldn’t strongly recommend A River of Stars.

Dates read: November 18-28, 2021

I was hooked by the premise of A River of Stars, but let me tell you, that’s all that grabbed me. I hesitate to shit all over 3-star books, but it was just missing something. It’s like tasting a dish and knowing it would be great if it just had some MSG. I didn’t put MSG on my copy of A River of Stars, but maybe it would have gone down better if I had.

Maybe it was the characters. They all felt rather flat to me. And, in hindsight, I don’t really go in for the miscommunication trope, which was heavily leaned on throughout this book. So maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I felt I could have. And, it’s significantly possible that I’m not the right person for this book.

Regardless, if someone was asking for recommendations and I felt that they would enjoy A River of Stars, I would definitely pass the title on to them. For now, my copy sits in purgatory as it awaits being sold on Facebook groups.

What about you? This isn’t a massively popular title so I don’t know if you all have read it, but if you have, what do you think?

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