Review: Migrations

Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It’s just a bad day. There’ll be worse, and plenty of good.”

Migrations, Charlotte McConaghy

Migrations is, alongside being a cautionary tale, a story of hope. Hope that we can survive our worst days and that we can come back from more than we think. I read the vast majority of this book in one breakneck session. And, as with Once There Were Wolves, I’m tempted to reread it all over again.

It was a short read, which McConaghy understood well, packing meaning into each and every word. Here we are left with a word of warning – act now or watch helpless as mass extinction unfolds. Migrations is a poignant and timely reminder that we are all of us living on borrowed time.

Date read: December 13, 2021

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